The Beatles

For the July 2001 edition of Uncut magazine, they had a group of luminaries vote for their favourite 50 Beatles songs. This is what Paul Weller had to say about some of the tracks.



“White Album” track – 1968


It has such great chords, fantastic melodies and beautiful lyrics. It’s showing the other aspect of John. He’s got that gruff, acerbic side, the popular view of him, but there's that really touching, loving side to him. Obviously it was more significant that it was about his mother, and Yoko, but no matter who he was singing about, it would still be as beautiful. I really relate to the line where he says, "Half of what I say is meaningless". As writers, we all chuck out lots of rubbish.


Come Together


“Abbey Road” album track – 1969


I love john’s voice – his funky way of singing. I just like the performance on that. I like the lyrics as well – it’s not like they’re kind of definite, but it’s that feeling he creates with them.


Strawberry Fields Forever


Double A-side single 1967


It was the first record I heard as a kid that really did my head in… just that colourful feeling it’s got, and the openness about the sound as well, like being in the middle of a huge field. And that bit “let me take you down, cos I’m going to …” that sort of fall. Their influence on me is just kind of constant but, I suppose, the bigger influence was for bands to start writing their own material.

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