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"A common treasury for all"

To download a copy of Billy singing The Jam's "That's Entertainment" Press HERE

(I am told that this came from a Sound Check. If anyone can tell me where and when I would be very grateful)

During September 2007, I saw Billy play at the Women Chainmakers Festival. To See the pictures, click on the picture


From "Homes & Gardens" - the opportunity to see inside Billy's House. Just click on the picture for a better look.


As part of the BBC's "The Nation's Lyrics" programme, Billy performed Bob Dylan's "The Times they Are A-Changin'". To hear the track and to see some video captures of his performance, click on the picture 

Link to video captures of TV appearance


A Picture Of Billy In His Red Wedge Days

Please Click On The Picture

An Old picture, from the Red Wedge days. Billy with Ken Livingstone, Neil Kinnock and Paul Weller


On 17th December 1999, Billy finished his UK tour in Brighton. To see the pictures that I took, click on the picture Link to photos of Brighton gig


For a peek at a review of the London Forum gig from 1999, press HERE


To see some video captures of Billy's appearance on TOTP2 - press HERE


By clicking on the following banner, you can see a free webcast of Billy's show at The Music Hall, Toronto, Canada


Picture of Billy next to a sign saying "Bragg Close", in Barking, Essex

Please Click On The Picture

Well, who wouldn't like to have a road named after them ?

 (I am sorry, but I can't remember who sent this to me but it was from The Metro newspaper and credit goes to both of them)



Not the best of quality, but a slight rarity in itself - a snatch of Billy singing "The Funky Gibbon",  more usually associated with "The Goodies"

For those who would rather disbelieve such things, conclusive proof that Billy has in fact had a Number One hit single, according to The Guinness Book Of Hit Singles. (Bill's full entry not shown)

The symbols next to Bill's name indicate that - in the opinion of the book's authors - he is a "Dance" and "Rock" artist. Hmmmmmn.

Billy Bragg's appearance in The Guiness Book Of Hit Singles

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