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For an article on how Paul Weller gets dressed, from Observer Women, click on their logo

A while back, the NME published a special Mod edition of their NME Originals series. To see the entire magazine, adverts and all, just click on the picture.

To download a copy to read at your leisure, right click on the picture and select "Save target as ...", or similar, depending on browser.

You will need Acrobat Reader to view the magazine. If you still don't have it, then you can get it HERE

Some nice looking Mod fashions can be seen HERE

For some more great fashions, just click on the logo

For an article about a recent book on the Mod movement, press HERE

I guess that it is just possible to take this Mod thing a bit too far. This is our target telephone.

(Click on the picture for a better view)

For those who are interested - click the thumbnail to see perhaps the only picture of Paul with his girlfriend Sami

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We recommend Reflex for all of your Paul Weller purchasing needs. Just click on their logo



Paul's eldest son, Natt, has been gaining a bit of press attention recently. To see the articles, click on the 'paper's logos

Having recently read John Reed's biography of Paul Weller - "My Ever Changing Moods" - for the first time in a few years, I have written a review of the book. To see my review, just click on the cover

The January 2003 edition of Uncut magazine included a major article on The Who. To see the pictures, just click on the cover


Phil Says "Always Look Both Ways, Before Pulling Out folks"

Whilst on holiday a few years ago, we may have found the final resting place, of what could have been the scooter at the end of Quadrophenia. To see how it might look now, press HERE

The Paul Weller / Noel Gallagher Observer Interview

Some Of My Favourite Paul Weller Links

I used to have a list of my favourite sites here, but the best list is held HERE. You should find all you need, and more.

Some Of My Favourite Links To Other Bands

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