So, Where Are The Jam Now?
As most people are aware by now, Bruce and Rick are touring together again under the name

From The Jam

As there is plenty of press coverage, they now qualify for a page of their own - just click on their picture.

Until recently, Bruce was with Stiff Little Fingers, playing with them for over a decade. He was also a member of The Casbah Club. For more details click on their banner
Bruce also recently featured in an article in Bass Guitar Magazine.
To read  the article, click on the picture

  A recent interview with Rick can be found by clicking the pic

Whilst Bruce was busy in SLF, Rick formed perhaps the ultimate Jam tribute band, The Gift,. For more details on them just click on their picture

Rick also appeared in the ITV programme "After They Were Famous" a few years ago. To see some screen captures, click on the picture

Available in all good book-shops - Dennis Munday's account of life with The Jam, The Style Council and with Paul Weller as a solo artist.

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In the absence of any new "Original" material, we were all looking forward to 1st November 1999 which finally saw the release of the Jam tribute album "Fire & Skill", after being something like two years overdue.

A Rickenbacker

To see the press release for "Fire & Skill", press HERE

To see some of the reviews, following it's release, press HERE

To see some video captures of Steve Craddock and The Gallagher brothers performing "Carnation", (from "Fire & Skill") on Top Of The Pops, press HERE


For article on what it is to be a Jam fan, taken from The Guardian, just click on their logo


For an article on The Jam's recording techniques, from Sound On Sound, click on the logo


Found on YouTube - The Batman Theme



The October 2002 edition of Uncut Magazine featured an extensive article on The Jam. To see the lovely pictures click on this one.


(The article itself should be transcribed soon)



To see some more pictures of The Jam, press here


To see the official Jam site - try clicking on the left hand side of the banner :-


The best known Jam tribute band resident in the UK are The Jamm. To see their site, click HERE

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For the benefit of those who never managed to see the videos, here's some

Video Captures

In The City 

From That First "Top Of The Pops" Visit

Art School

Taken from "Video Snap"

Absolute Beginners

From  "Top Of The Pops

Beat Surrender

From That Final "Top Of The Pops" Visit

Some DVD captures from "Punk In London"

There may well be some more, one day, when I have the time

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